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Wedding Gifts / Favors for Mehendi & Wedding

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Favours and gifts for the people who make your wedding special. It's always a great idea to give some sweet little things to the people who take out time to come be a part of your big day, and whether they are gifts for bridesmaids, or personalised wedding gifts or even a gifts with the wedding invites, these days there are so many things to choose from.

Edible Favours

Favours which not only are yum to eat, but also look festive and happy! The packaging will matter a lot for this one, and if you don't want to give the same old mithai dabba or dry fruits along with your wedding invite or at any of the functions, then here are some cool ones for you to consider!

Mehendi Favours

When you think of the mehendi, you think festive, bright and happy things! Here are some favours which might be specific to the Mehendi event, and make for great giveaways or gifts especially for the Mehendi.

Sunglass cases

How cute are these sunglass cases with the brocade and lace work? There are a lot more types available if you're looking for something more trendy, but these make for amazing giveaways!

Personalised totes

These are also so cute- make for great gift for the Mehendi, and you can even have the ones for your bridesmaids personalised and give the others plain totes or something with your wedding logo.

Wedding Favours

These are some nice classy favours that you can consider to give on your wedding day- from budget to slightly expensive options which are perfect to giveaway as wedding favours, whether it is as a thank you gesture when the guests are leaving, or to leave on their chairs or tables for them to find during the ceremony!

Scented candles

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Luggage tags

Image via Malvika & Pranay A cute idea for a destination wedding, this couple decided to put them for their guests on their wedding chairs!

Plantable pencils

Eco-friendly gifts are also gaining a lot of popularity at weddings, and this one is such a neat idea and looks super cute too.

Potted plants

Again, something that is great to give if you want to go green at your wedding, and while potted plants might be a better option for a local wedding, seeds and seed bombs are a better idea for a destination wedding.

Hand fans

Image via Revel Events If its an outdoor wedding, then this is something that might come handy for a lot of guests!


Some cute sanitisers with personalised packaging on their wedding, and we love this idea of a pick-me-up!

Favours For Women

Curated bangles or jewellery


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