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The ideal time to begin your wedding skin prep isn’t in the days or weeks leading up to the big day. It’s months. Six months, in fact. Wedding planning can be a long and strenuous period, where your skin is exposed to numerous stressors including hormonal imbalance, extreme weather conditions, poor eating habits, insufficient water, and so on. Therefore you must take preventive measures to protect your skin and maintain its glow and radiance during your wedding events. It's not just about looking amazing, it's about feeling healthy and beautiful on your wedding day. There are several steps you can take as an Indian bride to make a significant difference in the way you look.

Stress Management for the Bride-to-Be

There's nothing more beauty bummer than stress. Managing stress can not only ruin your much-needed beauty sleep, stress, which weakens the immune system, can also lead to inflammatory conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. To manage stress, you can chill out with your best friends, grab a morning / evening walk or run without your phone, hit yoga classes,do meditation through apps like Calm or Headspace, or even try aromatherapy. Make sure that you have your own comforting space to de-stress from all the Indian wedding drama.


Glowing skin starts with a healthy gut. We know how hard it is in the lead up to your wedding, what with all the occasions to overindulge on food and drink. But its these that can contribute to breakouts, excess sebum production and overall stressed skin. Having a balance of a healthy diet inclusive of a variety of vegetables, pre and probiotics, fermented foods, teamed with plenty of water and the right supplements to keep your gut’s microbiome happy is key. Remember what goes into your body is just as important as any beauty products you’re relying on for a radiant complexion!


Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!! While it may not be visible to the naked eye, dead skin cells will leave your complexion looking dull and lackluster! There are two different types of exfoliant; chemical and physical and whilst both are great, it’s best to use a chemical exfoliator such as an AHA or BHA 2/3 times a week in the evening to maintain a luminous glow. For blemish-prone complexions, aim for a formula inclusive of BHAs such as salicylic acid to break down the oils congesting your pores. For deeper skin tones opt for a more gentle AHA such as mandelic or lactic acid as these are less likely to cause hyperpigmentation. Always ensure that you use sunscreens daily to prevent undoing your hard work.


There are many tools and tricks to give yourself an amazing face massage at home to boost your skin as well as give you the time to de-stress from all the wedding prep! Hurrah!! Facial massage is a great way to boost the lymphatic system and circulation to help give your face a glow, whilst also sculpting and toning. A Gua Sha, facial rollers and micro/nano current toning devices are all fantastic tools to incorporate into your routine. Just bear in mind that consistency is *key* to achieving your desired results and be sure to use the correct oils, serums or conductive gels with your chosen tool.


Our bodies are 80% water, so it is one of the most important glow enhancing ingredients for your skin. If you’re dehydrated, this will almost always reflect negatively on your skin, leaving you looking dull and tired. It’s recommended that you drink at least 2 litres of water a day to flush out toxins from the body and to keep your skin hydrated, but you can boost this further by adding a supplementary electrolyte to your thirst-quenching drink.


You may have that pre-wedding workout routine already in full flow, but exercise is one of the quickest ways to get glowing skin as it helps to increase blood flow, nourish skin cells and keeps them vital. Try exercising for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week, to give your skin that extra glow whilst also giving you that happy hormone endorphin rush! If you’re tight on time and try adding weighted bangles or resistance bands to your at-home workout to make the most of your exercise routine.


Cleansing the skin removes all the dirt, makeup, impurities, and sunscreen so that the skin can repair itself in the best way possible. It’s important to cleanse both morning and evening so that you can prepare your skin for the products that will follow. As well as removing make up and dirt on a nightly cleanse (ideally double), it’s surprising how much bacteria builds on the skin when you sleep at night, so you need to cleanse it off in the morning too. If you dread the thought of splashing your face with water first thing, try opting for micellar based cleansing water or milk teamed with a bamboo cotton pad instead.


Beautiful bridal hair needs a little care and attention. We all know that everyday cleaning, blow-drying, and heat-styling results in a messed-up head with hair thinning and "wispies" (those little broken pieces of hair that stick up from your scalp). Begin by healing yourself from within. Vitamin B is said to help bring out your hair's healthy glow, according to specialists (dull hair is actually a symptom of a Vitamin B deficiency). Foods such as fish, almonds, and eggs will help you get started. A stimulating scalp rub and deep conditioning treatments (approximately 4 weeks previous to the event) not only feel nice, but they also strengthen the hair follicles and provide volume.

If you are considering coloring your hair, the typical rule of wedding color alters is to keep your hair within two shades of your original hue, be it darker or lighter. No matter which way you plan to go, make sure to plan months ahead. Go through Pinterest and pages of Instagram influencers to find the inspiration and the right color for you. Be confident with what you want on your wedding day and communicate clearly with your colorist. Don't forget to touch up your hair a week or ten days right before the wedding for that perfect shade.

Your hair might become dehydrated if it is over-shampooed. Water won't do those costly highlights or rich fake brunette any favors, no matter how good H2O is for you inside (it hydrates and debloats, so drink plenty). Too much shampoo causes hair to become flat and colorless. Shampooing your hair no more than three to four times a week is recommended (ideally if you can even get down to two to three shampooed a week, leading up to your wedding). In between shampooing, rinse your hair and use a moderate detangler. After you wash your hair, try to remove the tangles with your hands and let it air dry, before you brush your hair.


Healthy gums and teeth are the foundation of a wonderful smile. You may also choose this opportunity to discuss tooth lightening or Invisalign with your dentist. If a crooked grin is bothering you, the wedding might be a wonderful excuse to invest in Invisalign aligners and finally get your smile right. If you are a coffee addict (like us), you might have noticed your enamel getting yellowed more often. However, that is not a good look for a bride-to-be and since you will be investing in teeth whiteners/bleach, you don't want to waste all your efforts. As weird as it sounds, we suggest drinking your coffee with a straw to avoid any further yellowing.

Don’t forget to follow up on all your teeth treatments with a final cleaning session to get that flawless smile!


Keeping your fingernails moisturized is indeed the finest thing you could do for them. They get stiff as they dry up, resulting in chipping and fissures. Use oil on the cuticles daily before bedtime to maintain your nails flexible and strong. Make the effort to massage oil to every fingernail before going to bed each night to preserve gorgeous ring-selfie hands all year. Indulge yourself in an expert manicure once every few weeks in the run-up to your nuptials to keep your hands and nails in pristine condition. Getting a manicure on a regular basis is a great way to take care of your cuticles, nurture your nails, and boost your mood. With that said, too many gel manicures can dry up your nails quickly - try going polish free until closer to your wedding.


Skin Care Brands :

Lush/Wedela - for Dry Skin


Cera Ve


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