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FREE The Indian Wedding Planning Checklist - Printed and Posted

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

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Payal and Rahul are offering a FREE Colour Printed Wedding Planning Checklist posted to you directly. We know expenses can add up so we will send you a FREE printed version of the a beautiful checklist and some self care activities.

I dug around online for hours trying to find the right Indian wedding planning checklist as if it would appear out of thin air. After page 4 of searching through Google results, I stopped looking.

The checklists on the big sites included irrelevant items and then there were the random Indian sites that apparently had checklists. I found some lists I could’ve written before I knew anything about Indian wedding planning. Some seemed promising at first. I downloaded five checklists and printed out two, feeling desperate for a checklist. I had good intention to use them all. Some were too broad, and some were just not relevant.

Budget: This one can get complicated. Discuss who’s paying for what, are you – the couple – paying for the bulk of the wedding? Do you want to (or have to) pay for the wedding? Or are parents helping out? Don’t assume A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G – talk about it!

Number of events: Do you want the Big Fat Indian wedding? Or do you want to keep things simple with only one-pre-wedding event? It’s crucial for the couple to get on the same page before you discuss anything with families.

Guest count: This one gets tricky. Discuss your desired headcount together first, then bring in the family opinions. [Brace yourself…]

Location: Destination wedding or a local? In Bride’s hometown or where you currently live? As you discuss, think about the factors that come into play with each location.

Venue type: Think high level. Do you want a venue with outdoor space? Allows outside catering? Traditional wedding hall or non-traditional space?

Now, move onto the discussing with families:

High Level – Discuss with Families: Go through each high-level step again, this time with your family.

Depending on your family dynamics (or logistics of where they’re located), it could be better to have a meeting with each family first, and then come together to discuss decisions.

High-Level Outcome: From the outcome of the High-Level items, move onto two items.

Venue: At this point, you have enough information to look at venues that meet your needs (water view, outside catering allowed, etc).


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